It's So Good When Games Fix Weird Things, Like Michael Jordan's Bad Tongue

Loot boxes aren't the biggest problem in games. It's Michael Jordan's mouth.

by Patrick Klepek
Dec 21 2017, 4:31pm

Image courtesy of 2K Games

In the November 28 patch notes for NBA 2K18, the developers noted a really important change coming to the sports game: "Michael Jordan’s tongue should now look a little more Mike-like. Though I try to keep up with a lot of important movements in video games, this one passed me by. I didn't know there was growing concern about Jordan's tongue in NBA 2K18.

According to PastaPadre editor Bryan Wiedey, though, it didn't fix the tongue.

Thankfully, Wiedy remained on the case., and when he checked out NBA 2K18's most recent December patch, it looks like the tongue actually underwent visual surgery.
As the headline suggests, I'm a huge fan of games fixing weird shit in their games. This year, Kotaku started keeping track of this, and collected a bunch of them in an article.

This change, featured in House Party, cracked me up:

  • Improved drunk mechanics

Of course. Of course.

Have you noticed anything weird like this in games you play?

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