Chris Long Apologizes for Premature Celebration

The Eagles won a wild one last night against the Raiders, which included Long sacking Derek Carr and celebrating while the ball was still up for grabs.

by Sean Newell
Dec 26 2017, 2:51pm

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles came back to beat the Oakland Raiders in a Christmas miracle last night and secured the No. 1 seed in the NFC and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. With less than a minute to play in a 10-10 tie, Derek Carr threw an interception at midfield, gifting the Eagles a three-point lead. Oakland then gifted Philly another six points when a desperation Cal-Stanford play went haywire inside their own 30. But, with the score still tied to start the fourth quarter, it was Chris Long playing Santa to the Good Boys and Girls in Oakland, when he momentarily forgot the rules of football.

Clearly Long didn't realize that Carr fumbled, and he just assumed it was a straight sack, but goddamn does it look hilarious to watch the proud Long celebrating his handiwork as a surefire touchdown harmlessly rolls behind him. Long eventually figured out what happened and offered an apology to Philadelphians:

But what could have caused such confusion?

Sounds about right.

Anyway, let's give Long a break, he's playing all season for free after all, and it didn't wind up costing the Eagles in the long run—they're still the top seed in the NFC. If they go on to win a Super Bowl no one will ever remember this. Easy enough, right?