This Inspiring Desiigner Interview Is Like Your Childhood, but Way Better

"I got my man Squirtle, I got my man Bulbasaur."
November 30, 2017, 8:16pm

Do you ever want to be a kid again? To have no worries except for cartoons, toys, and video games? This is true for many millennials because we live in a state of arrested development but for Desiigner, an actual 20-year-old young'un, it is his every waking moment. In a new interview with Montreality, the human supernova goes very deep into his many passions while also providing a brief update on that Kanye album. However, for the first time ever, Kanye news may be the least interesting part of an interview.

From the jump, it is glorious madness. Desiigner excitedly shouts out his favorite Pokémon, which include all the first generation starters ("I got my man Squirtle, I got my man Bulbasaur") but with Charmander being replaced with that ornery little shit Charizard for some reason, as well as Pikachu because duh. Though Desiigner runs through millennial faves like Dragon Ball Z ("When Goku and Frieza went at it man, that was crazy"), he spends a lot of time fixated on Jimmy Neutron__: Boy Genius, earnestly relating it to his real life struggles.

When [Jimmy] wished for his parents to be gone, that was a crazy moment. ... then you realize that you don't want your OGs or anyone to be gone, you know? That's how I took it. Coming from where I'm coming from, I looked at that like: you need other people around to guide you. Don't wish for other people not to be around... you need that guidance. Everybody need guidance to help get to the top so I took that as a life lesson watching that as a kid. Shout out to Jimmy Neutron.

This is easily the most serious Desiigner has ever been in an interview. If you ever thought that you had learned all you could from Jimmy Neutron, think again.

Let's also take this moment to acknowledge Desiigner's incredible Timmy Turner tattoo:

Look, Desiigner could probably take over the world if he wanted to. He's asked as much here, stating that if he were President he would keep everyone "high-spirited" with constant parties and Lamborghinis for everyone. Desiigner is the Marxist utopian hedonist leader we don't deserve. Oh yeah, he says that the Kanye album is still coming and "it's going to be crazy," though you should maybe be skeptical about this info given Ye's sometimes erratic creative process. However, you should absolutely watch and enjoy this entire interview above.

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