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How come people still don't give Eazy-E his deserved props?
December 1, 2002, 12:00am

How come people still don’t give Eazy-E his deserved props? Everyone gives mad love, props, respect to Big, ’Pac, and Pun (R.I.P. I’m sending y’all my love too), but forgets about Eazy. If it wasn’t for that cat putting his drug loot towards starting Ruthless Records, we’d have never had an N.W.A. I just want to dedicate this column to Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. You will not be forgotten.

I got some bad news. Check out

[Celestial Recordings](http://

. Not to worry, though, they ain’t stopping, just regrouping. More on that later.

I told you a couple months back about the D.O.C.’s new album,


. If you still haven’t picked it up, you have no excuses. You’re way past deadline. All these younger cats are coming up, biting this dude’s styles without even knowing it. You need to be at

Silver Back Records


Buck 65’s

new album


is finished and he will be signed any day now.

By now everyone’s peeped that new Swollen Members/Moka Only video. These dudes don’t look like they’re going to be stopping anytime soon. Go to

Battle Axe Record

s for the info you need. has released part 2 in their hip hop compilation series, featuring a gang of Canadian rappers. Shit is pretty dope, so peep their site for soundclips and all that.

Want to find out about a dope crew from Toronto doing cool things in hip hop and R&B? Check out


If you still haven’t heard Phoenix Orion’s album, which I reviewed a few months back, then you’re an idiot (

). The Alien Nation album is real dope too.

P.E.A.C.E., who is the greatest MC who ever lived, will have a new album out, probably by the time you’re reading this, on Atom Candy Records (


Ever heard of Sound Ink Records? Me either, until recently, when I got a copy of an extremely dope compilation album they put out. Shit is mega-sick, you should peep what they’re all about (


Did you get the Funky 16 Corners comp that came out last year on Stones Throw? I’m an idiot and forgot to talk about it, but you’re smart enough to know when good records are out. You don’t need me to tell you about things like that (


Is it true that Styles of Beyond broke up? For real this time? Is it true that Ryu is working on a solo album, tentatively titled Megadef? Is it true that DJ Cheapshot is doing production? Is it true that Takbir has started a band? (


Ubiquity Records has some new goodies in the works. An album from Dark Leaf (finally) and new singles from Nobody and Medusa are on the way.

Big up to my man G-Stokes, who’s making some moves on the Canadian scene as of late. With a couple videos in rotation and an EP dropping by the time this reaches you, look out for this cat.

If you were a member of the Rhyme Syndicate, or know anybody who was, please contact me at the info below.

DJ Moves has put out another one of his silly rap albums, featuring a bunch of dope rappers rapping over his beats. It’s called Hissteria 2 or something like that (I can’t quite remember). You can find info online at


PUTS fans (People Under the Stairs) are already rocking the single “Jappy Jap.” Look out for the album O.S.T. (Original Sound Track) on Om Records. These cats are doing some traditional hip hop stylings, with a lighthearted feel to it.

If you feel like checking out something different, peep the Wood: Choice Cuts album (

) featuring 16 dope, mostly instrumental cuts.

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Fritz The Cat’s Top Eight (in no particular order):

1. Eazy-E: any song he ever made

'2. P.E.A.C.E.: every freestyle he’s ever kicked

3. Buck 65: Square

4. DJ Moves: Hissteria 2

5. Various: compilation

6. Various: compilation

7. PUTS: O.S.T. (Original Sound Track)

8. Various: Wood: Choice Cuts