Tournament Is Garage-Tested and Hesher-Approved

The good times roll on the Brooklyn heavyweights' hard-rockin' new EP.

Oct 20 2016, 2:11pm

There's a place where rock 'n' roll is still dangerous. There's a place where the spirit of the greats is alive and well. There's a place where it's played for pure joy and good times alone. That place, as Brooklyn's four-piece heavy, greasy crew Tournament knows well, is the garage. And the truth of the matter is, there is nothing more true to the spirit of rock 'n' roll—as it was originally intended, that is—as playing your heart out in a garage as if it were a packed, smoke-filled arena.

Similarly, Tournament believe in taking on nightlife with the same philosophy, stating, "On nights when you figure out the right combinations, you and your friends are kings of the world, or at least your shitty local bar, and that's all that matters."

Just eight months after the release of their latest record, Teenage Creature, Tournament return with a new EP, Take The Wheel, via Colonel Records on October 21, which you can stream right here, right below this dang article. Hit play, close your eyes, and let these six delicious, decadent slabs of rock 'n' roll victory influence you to do all of the things your parents always told you not to—with a fist in the air and a big ol' grin on your face. 

New Yorkers can catch them in the flesh this weekend (Saturday, 10/22, to be exact) at their Shea Stadium​ record release shindig.

Cat Jones is forever rockin' and rollin' on Twitter​.