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Don't Worry World, "Jewish Tupac" Shia LaBeouf Is Here to Save Us All with His Freestyling Skills

"You're novice, I'm on this / I'm Costner, I'm Kevin"

by Phil Witmer
Nov 11 2016, 5:09pm

Today in Shit No One Was Really Asking For And Now We Have to Reckon With, former actor/current performance meme Shia LaBeouf appeared on Sway in the Morning to attempt Sway's 5 Fingers of Death freestyle. Now, the last time Shia rapped was a defining moment for his career, but this might have killed the joke. Having the "#1 Hollywood MC" spit lines like "'Cause I'm testing me for the best of me / trying to insure this legacy / Geico" over the "Ambitionz Az a Ridah" beat is, at this point, maybe not all that funny or constructive.

Shia calls himself the Jewish Tupac (again) and possibly takes a shot at Drake with "It's dumb now, it's trash rapping in October / who wrote what for who, it's all below par." Like the rest of his activities, it's not clear whether he's in on the joke or not. You can decide for yourself and watch Shia LaBeouf's 5 Fingers of Death freestyle below.

Phil can't believe he typed this, either. He's on Twitter.