Get Seduced by Swimm's "Groupie"

The LA psych-pop duo's latest may or may not have been inspired by Nicolas Cage.

Nov 15 2016, 7:43pm

Swimm's "Groupie" is one of those ear-sticking tracks that sneaks up on you. The B-side to the psych-pop duo's single "Man's Man" starts off like an LA surf-psyched-out love letter to Tame Impala—not a bad thing—with the pair ping ponging rhythms and melodies while the chant builds: "We all want something from someone." 

Soon enough, though, the track contorts itself into something a little more sleek and sinister, with a cosmic slow-burn of a build that dissolves into synths blips and drum beats. The song is the latest output from the LA-by-way-of-Florida duo, who are currently working on a follow up to last year's Beverly Hells EP. Keep an eye out for a slate of shows in December with James Supercave and Rooney.

As for the song's inspiration, we'll let singer Chris Hess get into that:

"Nicolas Cage has been filming in select urban locations around America for National Treasure 8:  The Search for Lost Success in the Music Biz.  Russian actor Spotifico Plylistio already cast as villain.  I saw him last month at our Cube show vigorously enjoying a grilled cheese, a lionizing exchange with three young and very blonde 'national inquirers' and a plastic bottle of gin.  After our set he spoke with me about how hard it must be to be chasing the invisible carrot.  
'I mean all these metaphor carrots are invisible, but yours?  You really really can't see it, man!'  He laughed emphatically at his remark and polished off the gin.  I wasn't absorbing any of it.  I found it difficult to stay calm.  I couldn't help myself.  I gushed. 
'Nicolas Cage! 
I unraveled.  I asked if he in fact was Moonstruck over Cher?  How couldn't he be?  Did he really become punch-drunk-love-sick over Elizabeth Shue?  I mean the tequila pool scene!  "Nicoli ya mashugana tell me everything!  Wait wait, did you know Raising Arizona was gonna be a classic when you were on set?!!  Do you just feel these things!?  Hold on, so Jared Leto?  He's fuckin coocoo for Cocoa Puffs yea?  Or was he chill during Lord Of War era?  Lord of War era Jared Leto seemed pretty cool...'
And just as he was about to tell me everything, a girl who was taken with our set earlier came up to me and flirted her way right between my desperate attempts of recapturing some Cage magic!   He just smiled as he backed away.  He put each hand to his temples and dramatically mimed his mind being blown.   In classic Cage, he said 'We all want something from someone... man."  And just like that, he was gone. 
That kind of sums up the reason I wrote 'Groupie'."

Listen to the premiere of Swimm's "Groupie" below. 

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