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Nikki Benz: Jungle Fever

I've never understood why regular, ordinary sex with a black man is still seen as so taboo or risque for white porn actresses.

by Chris Nieratko
Nov 19 2014, 2:00pm

Dir: Jules Jordan
Rating: 9

Are you aware that there's an order of operations to the sexual acts porn stars will perform in their careers, and that for many girls, sadly, interracial sex is considered so taboo that it comes after bukkake and gang bangs on their fucket lists? It's easy to understand why performers like to space out professional firsts (first lesbian scene, first anal, first double penetration, etc.): They do it for marketing reasons and to prolong careers that often have short shelf lives. I'm sure if the porn industry had statisticians they'd be able to prove that 95 percent of girls who go straight to the A (anal) in their first film don't last more than six months in the business. Giving it up too quickly leaves fans with nothing to fantasize about. But what I've never understood is why vaginal sex with a black man (not even anal!) is so off-limits to many white girls in porn.

Back in 2002, a UK fetish magazine sent my wife and me to Las Vegas for the AVN porn awards. They wanted me to interview a number of stars, and I remember being blown away by how overtly racist one girl by the name of Felix was. I'd read that she didn't do interracial scenes, but I had no idea that it was because of her deep-seated bigotry, so naturally my first question was why she didn't bang black guys. For a second she seemed to have forgotten that she was speaking on the record to a rather large publication, and she blurted out, "Yeah, I don't fuck ni—." She saw my eyes light up in shock that she was willing to put her true trailer-trash persona out into the universe. She cut herself off before letting the entire slur pass her lips. She took a breath, chose her words more carefully, and said, "I don't find black people attractive. No offense. I'm going to stay with somebody who turns me on, and they don't do it for me." I was so caught off guard by her almost saying the N-word that it caused the longest, most uncomfortable pause in any interview I'd done. I stared at her in silence for what felt like 90 minutes before my wife poked me. I tried to make light of her pierced cheeks and asked if cum ever shot out of the holes during blowjobs, but the reality was I just wanted to walk away.

That said, I'm in no way suggesting that 12-year porn veteran Nikki Benz, the star of Nikki Benz: Jungle Fever, has any racial hang-ups whatsoever, despite her just now doing her first interracial scenes (anal and a three way). I can say this with complete certainty—even though I've never met her or spoken with director Jules Jordan about the matter—because Nikki is Canadian, and Canadians do not possess the ability to hate anything. My guess is that the 32-year-old busty blond who attempted to run against Rob Ford for mayor of Toronto (with the campaign slogan "Trade Your Ford In for a Benz") had probably never seen a black person before 2014, since they are so sparse in the Great White North. I would like to commend her. I believe it speaks volumes about her character that she chose to sleep with two black men on camera before doing double anal, getting fisted by a bunch of lesbians, inserting baseball bats into her holes, or anything else on the laundry list of dirty deeds she's yet to do. Bravo, Ms. Benz. If only you had run for police chief of Ferguson instead of mayor of Toronto...

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