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I Remember Halloween Costumes

Being a kid is mostly bullshit, but on Halloween it's fun to play make-believe and eat candy. I asked some of my favorite artists and cartoonists to recreate their best or worst costumes in illustrated form.

by Nick Gazin
Oct 31 2014, 9:00pm

Halloween is the best day of the year for kids 15 and under. They spend the other 364 days doing bullshit like going to school or eating dinner with their families, but on October 31 their only responsibility is to play make-believe and fill up a bag with free candy from strangers. I don't remember much from my childhood, but I can vividly remember every one of my Halloween costumes. I asked some of my favorite cartoonists, artists, and illustrators to recreate their best or worst costumes in illustrated form.

Cayetana Conrad was Baba Yaga

"This is my costume from about 1959. I wore pajamas and a bathrobe under it. I liked the Russian story about a witch named Baba Yaga who looked like this."

Jonny Negron was Bob

Simon Hanselmann was Batman and Robin

"There is no Halloween in Tasmania. People hate it and say "oh that American thing" in a snarky tone, but my best friend Luke and I used to go out anyway. We would put together really complicated Mortal Kombat costumes. We did it until we were 15, and that last year we made no effort whatsoever. We wore cheap, injection-molded Batman Forever masks with HUGE pouty lips. They looked really creepy. We had towels for capes. Luke was six-feet-tall. He was Robin. We were drunk as fuck. Nobody would open their doors so we glued up their locks. Years later I masturbated while wearing the Batman mask. That was pretty funny."

Alex Schubert was the Rocketeer

"My mom used to make all of my Halloween costumes, and one year I was the Rocketeer. The rocket pack was paper mache. My dad made the helmet out of wood, and it was so heavy that I had to take it off. Not sure if it was the best or the worst."

Penelope Gazin was a Ghost Queen

"I wanted to be a 'ghost queen' for Halloween when I was five. I draped gold sparkly fabric over my head and decided it didn't need any eye holes since I could kind of see through it. My mom secured it with a gold ribbon tied around my neck so the fabric wouldn't slip off. It looked a lot better in my head. I ended up looking like a fabulous hostage."

Dennis Chow was Cobra Commander

It was 1987, I was obsessed with Cobra Commander, so I dressed up as him for Halloween. I wore mostly denim-jean jacket, jeans, and then a blue t-shirt over my head with two eye holes cut out. Voila, Cobra fucking Commander!

Happy Halloween Everybody!

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