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After Cop’s Big Night Out, He Mistakenly Reports His Gun and Car Stolen

Most of us just lose our dignity after going too hard. Not this guy.
May 20, 2016, 6:50pm
Photo via Ottawa Police Service Facebook

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Lost smartphones, wallets, dignity—the usual suspects of a night out. But if you're a cop, there's a little more to lose: say, a firearm, for example. After a night of (seemingly) going too hard, a Canadian cop reported both his gun and his vehicle stolen and—after it was found that neither were—is now facing suspension (with pay) as of last week. According to the Ottawa Citizen, the incident supposedly happened after Constable Christian Nungisa went out for a night of drinking in Kingston, Ontario.

Nungisa, who has been working as a police officer in Ottawa since 2013, reported the "stolen" items to Kingston police the morning after his (probably regrettable) evening, but shortly after, he found both. According to the force he works for, however, he didn't update Kingston authorities. To make matters worse, because Kingston police still thought that his car was stolen, they later found it—with Nungisa driving it.

In another puzzling move, once Nungisa returned to Ottawa he apparently gave his friend his very-not-stolen gun to hold onto instead of returning it to its proper storing location. No charges have been laid against Nungisa as of yet, but a misconduct investigation is being carried out.

Don't drink and cop, friends.

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