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This Guy's Tragic Waterslide Accident Is More Proof That Summer Is the Worst

Summer isn't all tanning and beaches and endless soft serve. Sometimes it sucks.

by VICE Staff
Jul 21 2016, 3:32pm

Look, summer isn't all tanning and beaches and endless soft serve. The hot season also has its shitty parts. There's the heat, the sweat, and the bugs, not to mention this summer's election cycle that makes any sane mortal want to curl up inside with the AC on until December.

And now, thanks to the tragic tale of David Salmon and his waterslide accident, we have one more reason to add to the list of why summer actually kind of sucks.

Salmon was doing just fine as he zipped down a slide near Austin's Lake Travis until he rounded the slide's sharp curve and caught a little too much air. He threw out his arm, but ultimately the poor victim of summer wound up rocketing up over the side of the slide and out into the wilderness below. You can hear his friends say "ohhhh fuuuuckk" in slow-mo before they turn the camera off and go rescue the guy.

"I could have easily broken my neck or my back, and this could have been way worse," Salmon told Fox 4 News. "I posted [the video] basically so my friends could have a laugh or just know that I was OK."

Now, Salmon is spending the hot Texas summer recovering from a bunch of cuts up and down his body, a broken arm, and a few fractured ribs after rolling about ten feet down the rocky cliff. Hopefully he'll be better just in time for fall.

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