Watch Desus & Mero Ruin Your Childhood in Less Than Three Minutes

The duo talk clown porn, an upsetting discovery about dinosaurs, Eminem, and the #TrumpHive on the first episode of their late night VICELAND talk show.

by Sarah Bellman
Oct 18 2016, 1:25pm

On the very first episode of VICELAND's newest late-night series, Desus & Mero, hosts Desus Nice and the Kid Mero talk about how America is making a total mess out of what was once sacred to our 12-year-old selves: dinosaurs, Eminem, and clowns.

Sure, when some of us think of clowns, we imagine joyous birthdays, grown men driving tiny cars, and maybe the nightmare-inducing Pennywise. But others—well, they're interested in a certain type of pie that you (hopefully) won't see at a clown-themed children's party.

Speaking of clowns, earlier on the show, Desus and Mero discussed Trump and his terrifying—yet not so bright—die-hard supporters. Check out their hilarious take on news about the Republican nominee below.

You can watch the first episode of Desus & Mero for free online now and be sure to catch new episodes weeknights at 11PM on VICELAND.