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'Teletubbies' Are Back, Now with Touchscreen Stomachs

It's nice to know the horror is being updated for a new generation.
June 3, 2015, 6:53pm

A black-and-white fan recut of Telletubbies which is only slightly more terrifying than the original. Thumbnail image via Flickr user Berit Watkin

In what apparently is not the newest episode of Black Mirror, BBC plans to launch a reboot of the Teletubbies with "21st century touch screen tummies." The producers said they hope to update the show for today's preschoolers while keeping the original Teletubbies distinctive features—by which we can only assume they mean a giggling, vaguely frightening incoherence. The Guardian reports that, "like the original, the screens on the Teletubbies' tummies will be used to broadcast live-action films shot from a child's perspective."

Now that the original generation of Teletubby fans are grown-up enough to appreciate the show's nightmarish tech-reliance allegory, it's nice to know that BBC is updating the horror for a new generation. The old show, starring laughing blobs with TVs on their stomachs running around a colorful world, is clearly not going to move the needle for toddlers these days.

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