We Asked Porn Stars to Draw Their Most Memorable Scenes

A collection of beautiful, original drawings straight from the memories of your favorite porn stars.

by Matern Boeselager
Oct 30 2015, 4:05pm

All photos by Grey Hutton

This article originally appeared on VICE Germany

Venus, the biggest erotic trade fair in the world, has been a Berlin institution for 19 years now. Besides everything else that goes on there, it is an opportunity for adult actors to do a bit of publicity. This PR work mostly consists of them standing in booths for hours on end, occasionally busting out some sort of show on one of the many stages and, of course, being unwillingly groped by sweaty fans desperate for pictures.

Maybe this rigmarole is the reason most of the women were happy to oblige when, on a recent visit to the fair, I asked them to draw their most memorable scenes. They seemed genuinely excited by the idea, making their long lines of fans wait while they put genuine effort into their illustrations. The end result is a collection of beautiful, original drawings culled straight from the memories of your favorite porn stars.

"Groupie Girl," by Pussy Kat

VICE: Is there one scene that really stands out for you?
Pussy Kat: Yeah! We were shooting in Berlin and there was this fan there, a girl. She was really cute and I asked her if she maybe wanted to partake. And she did. She was totally crazy! Like really wild. We kept shooting till four in the morning and she's on my DVD now. In the end she demanded that Leyluken [Pussy Kat's friend and scene partner] cum in her face while I squirt in her mouth. So that's what we did.

Classic Berliner.
Very hospitable people!

"The Propeller," by Mia Julia

VICE: Can you break this drawing down for me?
Mia Julia: So, the scene was with Markus Waxenegger—he's a really beefy guy, and I'm so small. So he was standing there and said, "I'll take you the other way around." So, all of a sudden, I was upside down, he was holding me by my butt and I gave him a blowjob upside-down. He ate me out a little too. So, yeah, it was a bit of give and take.

It happened spontaneously?
Yeah, when I was doing video, which I don't do anymore. It was all pretty spontaneous.

"The Bathtub," by Assira

VICE: What are you up to there?
Assira: The concept of the video was that I have a really prude bitch of a roommate who always stresses me out when I bring guys home to fuck. And then I have this stud at home and we're done and he wants to go. But I know my roommate is about to come home and whenever she gets home from work she takes a bath. So we decide that I'll piss in the bathtub before she gets home. That was the story.

Wouldn't she realize?
Not necessarily, no.

You must have drank a lot of water to make it see-through.
Well, yeah.

"The Acrobat," by Angie Knoxx

VICE: What is that?
Angie Knoxx: The actor was standing behind me, and I had to have my leg up, but like backwards. And we were both looking forward... it was retarded. It was really hard.

How long did you guys maintain that position?
We didn't shoot for that long—four, five minutes. It wouldn't have held for longer. But visually, it looked really good. That was the problem.

"Piss Mishap," by Jill Diamond

VICE: What happened?
Jill Diamond: Well, the guy just couldn't control himself anymore, but nobody knew that. He had a condition and so his bladder was really weak. To cut a long story short, he started to pee in the middle of the blowjob. Luckily not in my mouth, but all over my face.

Were you mad?
No, cause he had this condition. Things happen.

Did you just continue going?
He stopped it because he was so uncomfortable. I would have continued. It's a job—you have to keep going.

"The Couch," by Sina Velvet

VICE: What's so memorable about this position?
Sina Velvet: It's hard because you have to balance. When I'm on my back—my shoulders really—and he's fucking me from above, I kind of have to catch the thrusts. It's a hot position, but it's a hard one.

Did he think it was hard, too?
His feet were a little shaky.

"The Tree," by Hümeyre Ophelia

VICE: That looks dangerous.
Hümeyre Ophelia: Yeah, it was in a tree! Totally crazy. But I'm half Turkish, half French. That's why I do these kinds of things.

I know, right? It was good, but it was hard.