Three Dead in State University of New York Geneseo Murder-Suicide

Police found three people dead inside a Geneseo, New York house and are now saying it was a murder-suicide.

by Jake Kivanc
Jan 18 2016, 8:21pm

Matthew Hutchinson, pictured above, was a student hockey player from Vancouver studying at State University of New York in Geneseo. Photo via Twitter

On Sunday, authorities in a small town south of Rochester, New York, responded to a frantic call from a father who said his son had called to tell him the he had just killed his girlfriend and that he was going to kill himself. By the time the police arrived at the home, it was too late: three people, one of whom was a student athlete from British Columbia, were dead.

As of right now, it's unclear exactly how the deceased—Kelsey Amnese, 21; Colin Kingston, 24; and Matthew Hutchinson, 24—were related to each other, but it has been confirmed that Hutchinson was a student athlete from Vancouver, British Columbia, who was in his final year at the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo. According to the school, Amnese was also a student at SUNY, while Kingston was a former student.

In a press conference today, the police confirmed that incident was indeed a murder-suicide and added that Kingston had killed Amnese and Hutchinson with little resistance, as there was no sign of forced entry or a struggle. The police say that the victims may have been asleep when Kingston murdered them.

While the exact cause of death is unclear, we know that no firearms were involved and that that the victims appear to be have been killed with a knife.

Details around the case have been tight, although the 911 audio of chatter between emergency responders tells a little bit. The original call was placed by Kingston's father, which was supported by a statement that the Geneseo Police Department gave The Buffalo News regarding whether the murderer was dead.

According to police, Kingston and Amnese were dating for three years previously, but they broke up sometime prior to the murder. It's possible Hutchinson and Amnese were seeing each other at the time of the murder, but police were unable to confirm.

Motivation for the attack has not yet been provided by the police, although they did note Kingston was upset with the situation and had made suicidal comments to friends before the murder.

Although Geneseo, with a population of less than 8,000, has not had a homicide in decades, police have said that this was an isolated incident and that the public's safety is not in danger.

Hutchinson was a fourth-year defenceman on SUNY's hockey team and, back home, was known for being a volunteer firefighter. He had one assist in eight games this season in the State University of New York Athletic Conference, an NCAA Division III conference. He previously played for several teams in the BCHL.

Friends, family, and former teammates have posted condolences and memoriams of him on Facebook and Twitter.

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