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Models and Reality

They usually don't mix so great.

by VICE Staff
Feb 17 2012, 5:00am

When you put models and reality TV together you normally end up with loads of bullshit. The flatness of it all is super depressing. Like, fine, models are essentially supposed to be clothes hangers on the runway, but wouldn't it be nice to believe that in real life--or in the process of learning the trade--there's actually something happening for these girls? That's why we're kinda excited about the mini web series about such things for a new site called V FILES, which is a partnership site with V. Unlike the inexperienced buck-toothed, self-esteemless, beanpoles on America's Next Top Model the girls on Model Files are pretty damn hot, and though a few are still seemingly dimwitted they at least actually know how to take direction. And even better, the man running the show isn't that egotistical smizing idiot Tyra Banks, he's Preston Chaunsumlit and he's a total dick in the absolute best way possible. 

The site doesn't launch for a few more weeks so until it does you can catch the teaser here:

Part I Soundtrack:

Mexicans with Guns - La Bamba
Gobby - Did It On 'Em (Remix)
Megasoid - Untitled
Salem - Raver Stay Wif Me
Jametatone - Earths