Vince Neil Opens a Strip Club Even He Can't Get Kicked Out Of

Having some thoughts about Vince Neil's "rape basement."

Vince Neil and the staff of his new skin club, "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Botox-bloated drunk driver and Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil doesn’t have the best record with the ladies. Back in 2003 he was fined for assaulting a sex worker, and just last year he was charged with battery after an altercation with an ex. Well, in 2012 he’s making good and coming clean, offering his apologies to the fairer sex in the form of gainful employment. Neil just announced the opening of “Girls, Girls, Girls,” a rock ‘n’ roll-themed titty bar in downtown Las Vegas. This announcement comes just at the heels of the Crüe's announcement of a presumably “Land Before Time”-themed tour with KISS, and a whole lot of shit-talking of Rihanna.

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