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Someone Already Beat the New, Sprawling Space Epic 'Prey' in 20 Minutes

Speedrun uses map exploits and an item duplication glitch.

by Leif Johnson
May 8 2017, 5:52pm

Prey—Bethesda Softworks' new game about aliens, neurological implants, and space travel—only came out last Friday, and by most accounts beating it properly should take somewhere around 30 hours. And yet seemingly against all odds, speedrunner DraQu has already made a world record by beating the brand-new game in a whopping 19 minutes and 34 seconds less than four full days after launch.

If you don't mind dealing with an onslaught of spoilers, you can watch the full playthrough on YouTube above. It's most impressive for watching how DraQu's already learned so many of Prey's map exploits, such as using furniture in the opening scene to skip roughly the first hour. Later, he uses the game's "goo gun" to slowly inch his way over areas players were never meant to see.

Elsewhere, he uses glitches that may soon be patched out and make faster speed runs more difficult. The most notable one lets players to endlessly replicate rare crafting materials, thus allowing DraQu to put together a key item within a matter of seconds rather than the hours it would take by playing normally. DraQu doesn't even bother letting his character put on his spacesuit, and he spends the first couple of minutes running around in his underwear.

It's possible we may see an even faster playthrough before the week is up. DraQu had already nabbed a world record by beating Prey within an impressive 44 minutes and six seconds yesterday, and before that he beat it in just under an hour.