SpaceX Recaps its Falcon 9 Launch in Corny Video

The most recent successful SpaceX launch gets a video recap.

Jan 12 2016, 8:37pm

In December, SpaceX made history when it stuck the landing of its Falcon 9 spaceship at Cape Canaveral. In case you missed the dramatic launch and surrounding fanfare, the space company has now recapped it in cheesy video for you.

December's landing came after a failed attempt to launch another rocket in June, when the device exploded mid-flight. One Falcon 9 rocket costs $60 million to make and $200,000 in fuel, but SpaceX is working to make the devices reusable. The December mission also marked the first from SpaceX using a landing pad at Cape Canaveral––previously the company used floating autonomous spaceport drone ship (ASDS) to recover the rockets. The recap video shows the rocket taking off to the cheers of hundreds of people.

CEO Elon Musk tweeted after the December landing that the Falcon 9 was not damaged and could be relaunched if it needed to, but the company said it will likely be put on display instead. Regardless, SpaceX is planning another launch for January 17, so you can expect more successful missions (and dramatic recaps) to come.

Correction: This piece has been updated to reflect the correct cost of fuel for the Falcon 9.