Check Out New Video Series and Talk About Them On Our Forums All Week

Welcome to Waypoint's Pilot Week: Five days dedicated to new ideas in videos, livestreaming, podcasts, and editorial coverage. Let us know what you think!

by Austin Walker
May 1 2017, 8:00pm

I'll tell you what's good: Pilot Week. 

What's Pilot Week? 

Well, it has been six months since Waypoint officially launched, back on November 1, 2016. That's wild, right? On one hand, it feels like our absurd 72 hour launch party was only yesterday. On the other, it sort of feels like we've been around for longer than that, right? In any case, we wanted to take advantage of this anniversary to shake things up a little bit. Pilot Week is our way of doing that.

Over the last few months here at Waypoint, we've been working behind the scenes on video series, stream ideas, and some major site features. This week, we're finally pulling back the curtain so that you can see some of our ideas and give us feedback. That's Pilot Week—and hey, shout outs to our friends at Motherboard for the inspiration.

We're kicking the week off with a new video series: Cardboard, which you can watch above. And once you give a watch, you can tell us what you think about it over on our forum, because that's another thing we're rolling out this week.

One of the things we've heard loud and clear from y'all since we first launched is that you want a space to interact with us and each other. The forums are our solution for that. You can get there by going to or by clicking on that icon on the top left of the page and then hitting FORUMS. This will be a moderated space and we're hoping that we can get into some really great conversations—but you know how deploying new things goes, so pardon our dust and expect things to feel a little bit like a beta test for the first few weeks!

And that's just the start of the stuff we're trying out this week. Get ready for new streams, more new video series, new ways to interact with us on a daily basis, and maybe even a new podcast or two.

Think about this like one of those system updates that come to game consoles now and then: "The New Waypoint Experience." (And before you asked, I promise that during the Waypoint's site development, I absolutely suggested that we use Xbox 360's classic blade UI. The only engineer in the room gave me a death glare.)

When I say we want feedback, I mean it. Some of these updates—like the forums—will be here permanently. But what we really want to do with Pilot Week is get response from y'all about what's working and what isn't. This past six months couldn't have happened without all of you, and we really want you to be part of what Waypoint is in the future. So post on the forums, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter, write in to, and let us know what you think!