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Bee Genocide at Baseball Game Angers Ned Yost and Probably PETA

A huge swarm of bees descended on a spring training game between the Royals and Angels and they were all ruthlessly murdered. That didn't sit well with Ned Yost.

by Sean Newell
Mar 9 2015, 4:40pm

Sunday's spring training game between the Royals and Angels was delayed a couple times due to a flood of bees buzzing around the stadium. They flew throughout the outfield and stands before eventually settling on a microphone behind home plate, where they would ultimately meet their demise. The broadcast, which you can watch and listen to here, repeatedly referred to this man as a "beekeeper," but that is a lie. This man was not keeping bees, he was doing the exact opposite: he was getting rid of bees. He is a beeassassin.

Look at that! It is just a pile of dead bees and Royals manager Ned Yost thinks that's bullshit.

VICE Sports is Team Yost on this one. Bees are terrible—honey or no honey, we hate them—but that doe not mean they should die. Man run amok, destroying nature because it can. What did those bees do to die a death like this; sprayed with poison, battered with a broom, and scooped up and discarded by the handful?

Down with people. Up with bees.


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