Bigfoot Is Real and He's Buying Chips in Aisle Three

Beloved Street Photographer Daniel Arnold captures the roaming legend around New York City.

by Daniel Arnold
May 4 2017, 4:08pm

Daniel Arnold is one of our fave neighborhood artists and a regular contributor to VICE. When we heard he had completed a new series on Bigfoot in NYC, we felt it our was duty to share the first hot takes with the world. As with much of his imagery, Daniel inserts himself expertly into sidewalks, bodegas, phone booths, etc. to get the perfect shot of an unsuspecting subject. This time it happened to be a very tall, hairy, muse.

All the photos you see below will by available at an RxArt event on May 6 at Van's General Store. Support Daniel and Big Foot's beautiful collaboration made possible by Minted 50.