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WWE's Kane Is Running for Mayor in Tennessee

The Undertaker's brother raised hell in the ring. Now he wants to lower taxes.

by Drew Schwartz
Apr 12 2017, 3:38pm

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

When he's not dishing out chokeslams or lighting people on fire, World Wrestling Entertainment legend Kane spends his days running an insurance company in Knox County, Tennessee. Over the years, the "Devil's Favorite Demon" has come to love the area—and now he wants to take off his mask, wipe the blood from his face, and run for mayor, the Washington Post reports.

Kane, whose given name is Glenn Jacobs, officially announced his candidacy for Knox County mayor Tuesday at a local barbecue joint. He walked up to the podium kind of like he's always walked out to the ring—minus the pillars of flames and satanic theme song—and stressed the importance of small businesses, which he called "the backbone of America." As a Republican, he wants to make sure big government doesn't snap that backbone in half with an inverted facelock backbreaker or whatever.

"As mayor, I will work harder than anyone to keep taxes low, to eliminate waste, to reduce red tape, and to make sure that Knox County is a place that all of us are proud to call home," Jacobs said.

Jacobs—who seems pretty mild-mannered and sweet for a guy who once said he wanted to "exorcise his humanity"—also said he wants to roll back the government's influence on how Knox County is run, handing control over to the community leaders who live in the area.

"[Community leaders] want to help people, but there's often one thing that stands in their way: government," Jacobs said. "Therefore, my solution is: Government isn't the solution."

He also emphasized the importance of helping children in the area, promising to work with teachers and administrators to get kids college-bound. All this from a guy whom the WWE describes as "a monstrous abomination that seems to have been extracted directly from your childhood nightmares."

If Jacobs does win the mayoral election come November, he wouldn't be the first elected official with no government experience who's doled out a bodyslam in the ring. Trump pulled that one off too

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