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Some Annoying Jerks Just Got the Biggest Robocalling Fine in FCC History

Do no call, ever. Thanks.

by Clinton Nguyen
Aug 11 2015, 9:43pm

Photo: Matt Reinbold/Flickr



Are you aware that the Federal Communications Commission just cracked down hard on the most generically-named Travel Agency Marketing Inc., fining them $2.96 million for making 185 unsolicited ROBOCALLS such as this?

WE'RE SORRY. We didn't get that. Answer with a YES, or NO.

… Are you still there?




I'm calling to let you know this isn't the first time robocallers have been punished for that. A lucky company was eligible for, and thus received a $2.9 million fine last year for the same thing: putting out almost 200 unsolicited calls.

Of course, agencies like ours will stop at nothing to find the loopholes, including repackaging political surveys to lure them into buying cruise trips to the Bahamas.

Would you like to know more? You might be eligible for one of those—press 1 to continue.

… We're very sorry. We didn't understand your response. Please repe--


HELLO! We've called your household some days before.

But we'd to return a call to let you know that there are ways out of the system and that the grand scheme of the US' legal system made commercial purgatories like this possible. You can thank the FCC this once for streamlining spam call complaints. But with calls costing mere pennies per minute and phone numbers being tossed around a dime a dozen, it might not even take that long to make a profit.

"Please put me on your Do Not Call List."

Sorry. I didn't get that.