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Watch Out Reddit, the Teenage "Daddy" of Anonymous Has Spoken

Big Daddy Dillon the Hacker has had enough, and isn't going to take it anymore.

by Daniel Stuckey
Apr 6 2014, 2:00pm

Be warned. Dillon Prescott Henderson, aka "Dillon the Hacker," has just stepped forward as the sole leader of Anonymous and 4chan. As a result, the "professional hacker" may have a hit on his hands.

Of course, the teen's dubious rantings in the above video are antithetical to the general concept of Anonymous. As an anarchic decentralized hacking collective, Anonymous is leaderless, has no "members," per se, but acts via association—a calling card for hackers and activists who are quiet about their identities.

Screenshot via YouTube

Appearing to have been given no other choice, Dillon hilariously threatens 4chan (the image board from which Anonymous originated a decade ago), along with its creator, Chris Poole, aka moot.

Poole himself has exhaustively addressed the value of digital anonymity, arguing in talks and on his personal blog that, "Anonymity facilitates honest discourse, creates a level playing field for ideas to be heard, and enables creativity like none other." Dillon seems to wager the opposite, opening his threatening statement by full name, and in another video announcing designs to "destroy Reddit." 

While the well-spoken teen's speech is criminally funny, it's worrisome to consider it could be taken too seriously. Many who have pulled stunts like this have in the past become victims of mass pizza delivery and SWAT teams kicking in their doors.

His performance is convincing enough to be considered ironically, but nothing more. Especially when the kid is tweeting "Witness the Legend," in referring to his hacking skills.

Could the tone taken by Dillon just be another Jimmey Kimmel hoax waiting to blossom? Probably not. It does appear as if he could be parodying previous declarations of war against 4chan issued from other young men named Dillon.

With due respect to the many anons and "/b/tards" (users of 4chan's random board) that make the Internet an exciting place, whether or not "Big Daddy Dillon" is the grand puppeteer behind decentralized hacking collective Anonymous, it'll be interesting to see how this develops.