Meet ‘Henry,’ the Star of Oculus’ Second VR Film

Aww, he’s so cute.

Jun 2 2015, 6:29pm

Poor Henry, he just wants to be loved.

The adorable little hedgehog is the star of Henry, the second virtual reality film from Oculus. Its first movie, Lost, about a robotic hand looking for its body, was released earlier this year.

As the trailer for the heartwarming comedy shows, the movie is about how difficult it is for the critter to make friends because of his prickly appearance. Well, a magical birthday wish could change that!

If Henry looks like a Pixar film, it's because director Ramiro Lopes Dau worked on smash hits Brave and Monsters University. The team also includes a slew of former Pixar employees, too.

Oculus hasn't set a release date yet for the movie, but it likely be out before its first consumer device is rolled out early next year.