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A Year of Lil Wayne: The Time Gudda Gudda Rapped About Having 100 Trash Bags of Weed

Bauce Sauce returns to weigh in on one of the best rap lyrics he's ever heard.

by Kyle Kramer
Jan 4 2017, 10:21pm

Day 107: "Grindin'" feat. Kidd Kidd and Gudda Gudda –  SQ1 / SQ3 , 2002

Kyle: It's that time again! Since we've been talking about Sqad Up, my pal Bauce Sauce is back to discuss our good friend Gudda Gudda, Lil Wayne's most unsung companion. Bauce, you chose this song, which is on one of the most iconic beats ever, at least in my book, The Clipse's "Grindin'." Tell me about Gudda Gudda—and this song.

Bauce Sauce: By 2002 I was already a Wayne fan, but it wasn't until downloading SQ3 (Collectors Edition) (Bootleg) in its entirety off Kazaa that my diehard status was solidified for all eternity. Like everything important to us, it appeared in my life at a super impressionable age. I was a sophomore in high school. I had just received my driver's license with a special exemption that allowed me to drive by myself at 15. Nothing was more important than burning a CD to show the world that I, a suburban white teen, knew about rap music. I still have all my high school mixtapes, and the first one I ever burned for my car had most of SQ3 (Collectors Edition) (Bootleg) on it (along with Hot Karl's "No Spanish"... but we can't shoot 100 percent all the time). "Ether," "Oh Boy," "Oops," "Gudda Gudda," and, of course, "Grindin'."

I remember being at Five-Star Basketball Camp that year and a white kid and a black kid walked by me and had this exact conversation. I can still hear it clearly in my head.

White Kid: "So Wayne has beef with Jay-Z?"
Black Kid: "No."
White Kid: "But the song says 'Fuck Jay-Z'."
Black Kid: "Yeah, but then Wayne is saying 'No. I fuck with him.'"
White Kid: "But why would he say 'Fuck Jay-Z' in the first place?"
Black Kid: "He doesn't say it. That's from the original song."
White Kid: "Ooooohhh… what song?"

What makes that conversation even more memorable is that the white kid was wearing his jersey that had his last name—Clackerson—written on it. He was number 32. As an homage to Wayne and the very song he was confused about, my friends and I began calling rims, specifically 32-inch rims, "Clackersons." Please, I urge you. Stick to them stuntin' rules.

It's peculiar how certain things stick with you. For instance, there are tweets that have been permanently ingrained into my psyche. I can never forget them. One time a lady, whose username I will not reveal to protect her, tweeted in complete earnestness, "yall hyped tacos." Regardless of your affinity for tacos you can't act like tacos' first few mixtapes aren't certified classics. When I read that tweet I reflexively began to bleed from the eyes. It was the worst tweet I had ever read up to that point. Those words haunt me daily.

Another phrase that has haunted me since the day I heard it is Gudda Gudda on "Grindin'" saying, "I got a hundred trash bags of weed."

A hundred trash bags of weed. One hundred trash bags of weed. 100 trash bags of weed. Not ninety-nine trash bags of weed. Not 101 trash bags of weed. One hundred. 100. Not duffle. Not ziploc. Trash. Trash bags. One hundred trash bags of weed. The trash bags are not filled with trash. They are filled with weed.

At 15, I couldn't even comprehend someone having that many trash bags, let alone having that much weed in their possession.The best rap lyrics evoke vivid imagery. "I got a hundred trash bags of weed" melted all the gray matter in my pubescent brain to gelatin.

There must have been something in the communal syrup because the Sqad Up tapes not only show Wayne at his best but Gudda Gudda, as well. Hell, even Kidd Kidd could rap back then. It's almost impossible to believe the same person who rapped this also rapped this.

And within that elevated performance, "Grindin'" stands out. It is certainly one of the better SQ posse cuts. Plus, as an added bonus we get Wayne doing ad libs for the other rappers' verses—the pinnacle of this, of course, being "Oh Yeah" with Chubby Baby and Juelz Santana.

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