Nicky Van She Is Back and Housier Than Ever

Check out the Van She frontman's first solo effort, "Everybody Together."

Jun 5 2014, 7:03pm

Perhaps you remember a little electropop outfit called Van She. Back in 2008 the group's debut album, V, took over its native country, Australia, and four years later it released a sophomore effort, Idea of Happiness. Since then, it's been all quiet from the Van She camp—until now. Frontman Nick Routledge has donned an alter ego, Nicky Night Time, and surfaced with a banging house track to launch his solo career.

"We all wanted to do solo stuff for a long time, but Van She just took up most of my time," Routledge explains. "I love the thought of going alone for a while, making my own time, my own music."

These days, Nick's working at his own pace, which has allowed him to cook up new tunes and work on a live set that combines musical wizardry with boggling visuals. The first tune to appear is "Everybody Together," a vocal house anthem equipped with massive piano stabs and huge drum buildups that Routledge first sketched in the Johannesburg Airport. The house sound is a departure from Routledge's output in Van She, but the change has been a long time coming.

"I got into house music in high school," he says. The whole band developed a taste for dance music, but Routledge and bandmate Touch Sensitive became the "real aficionados or crate diggers" of the crew. "[We] got really deep into how these records were made and where the sounds came from," Routledge says.

Evidently, his years of dissecting old house records have paid off, and you can peep the results in the player below.

"Everybody Together" is out June 13 on ONELOVE, and you can pre-order the single via iTunes.

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