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Party with TT the Artist on Her New 'Bxrthday' EP

The club artist uses sounds from Baltimore and Jersey for a fun-filled project.

by Lawrence Burney
Mar 1 2017, 5:00pm

With the release of her debut album Queen of the Beat last year, TT The Artist has the biggest year of her career. The self-proclaimed new Baltimore Club Queen's 2015 tracks "Lavish" and "Thug it Out" appeared on HBO's hit show Insecure. "Dance to My Beat," a collaboration with French producer Hervè, appeared in an NBA commercial. TT has no plans of letting that momentum fade for 2017, either. 

Today we're premiering her new BXRTHDAY EP, her first shot at a self-produced body of work that bounces between the tempos of Baltimore and Jersey club party anthems. The five-track project features songs like "Yo Bxrthday," a melodic Jersey club inspired rhythm, the party-inspiring "F It Up," and the vulnerable 90s R&B-inspired "Worst Bday."

"I was very inspired by the BPMs and melodies of Jersey club and the hard hitting drums of Baltimore club music, two very distinct, yet under the radar genres of music that are beginning to climb onto the world wide music stage," TT said in an email conversation. "Producing has allowed to feel more connected with my music, the community, my collaborators, and more importantly, embrace Baltimore's home grown sound." Listen to BXRTHDAY below. 

Photo:  E. Brady Robinson

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