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Two Fresh's New Jawns Are Next Level

Stream "Shotta" right here and get hyped for their record release party in LA

by Jemayel Khawaja
Jul 28 2014, 10:30pm

There are only a few constants in this existence. They include: The sun will rise, gas prices will go up, and Two Fresh will churn out fire. The Nashville-via-Asheville-via-Denver-via-Los Angeles duo kill it so consistently that them continuing to do so is barely news. Their new EP Blimpus drops tomorrow, and we twisted their arms into giving y'all a gander at "Shotta," the opening track from the release.

In moving to essential L.A bass label SMOG earlier this year, Two Fresh released a raucous, upfront joint EP with HeRobust titled Throw That. Their new EP finds them returning to their beat nerd roots, though. "Shotta" starts off with some b-more vibes, but by the time the track is in full swing, there's slowed down jungle breaks, acid house synths, and hip hop swag all coming together to make this groover some forward-thinking choonery. By the end of the track, we're somewhere else completely, most likely on a blimpus ride to beat music heaven.

The homies are having their record release party at Sound in Los Angeles on July 31st. We'll be there. Check out the flyer below:

073114 Run That Back - 4,25'' sq.jpg

Buy Blimpus on iTunes!

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