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RAC's Karl Kling Gets a Les Professionnels Makeover

Go deep into the house of love...

by Jemayel Khawaja
Aug 21 2014, 5:00pm

You'll probably know Karl Kling better as a member of RAC, the internationally-based collective of indie-dance remixers who have taken on everyone from U2 to Phantogram, but now it's time for the tables to turn….like turntables…because Kling's "Deep in the House of Love" has been given a once-over by Les Professionnels.

The Rock It Science affiliated trio are a bit of a remix collective themselves, with acts like Vacationer and Bag Raiders under their belts, but this tune in particular is being released on vinyl. The remix takes the original, hazes it up a bit, and adds some depth to the layering. It's vaguely spooky, and at over seven minutes long, it's a dub ready for the dance floor.

You should probably have this on vinyl: US pre-order // International pre-order.

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