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Please Don't Wear Penis Costumes to EDM Festivals

For some patrons, this unspoken rule is far from self-evident.

by THUMP Staff
Jun 21 2016, 4:15pm

Photo of EDC Las Vegas 2015 courtesy of Insomniac

Don't be a dick. It's really that simple. Music festivals are supposed to be a place where everyone can have fun, and while, yes, it's great to let your freak flag fly, sometimes you simply need to respect other patrons by keeping your—ahem—baggage to yourself.

But some people just don't know this simple rule. If you're looking for a rude awakening to this fact, you'll certainly get it in this video allegedly taken Monday morning as EDC Las Vegas began wrapping up its 2016 edition. Showing two lone stragglers giving it their all in penis costumes, peeled off in isolation from the slowly departing crowd, it reminds us that, unfortunately, sometimes—as the Brits would say—wankers will be wankers.

2015's EDC Las Vegas proved that it was the "pinnacle of the post-millennial American rave experience," but did it also signal a post-EDM era? If you want to be (deeply)horrified, check out our selection of the most hard-hitting Craigslist personal ads for last year's festival.

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