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Techno Lovers Lock Lips In These Photos of Ben Klock's Valentine's Day Weekend Gig in Colombia

Who said cupid doesn't love Berlin techno?

by Thump Colombia
Feb 16 2016, 7:20pm

*Foto por: El Gato Fotógrafo.

Photos by El Gato Fotógrafo.

In THUMP Colombia's new photo series, THUMP Captures, we bring you a visual profile of some of the dopest, strangest, and perhaps a bit sordid dance parties to hit the South American nation. Traversing the country's more traditional nightclubs and their grittier DIY counter-parts, the series will tune into a given theme we discover emerging in a given crowd. In the case of our debut edition, we're examining one of the oldest themes of them all: love!

This past Valentine's Day Weekend, Berlin techno savior Ben Klock brought his much-loved M.O. of floor-shaking 4x4 rhythms to Colombia's capital city of Bogotá, for a gig at local nightclub Baum. Amidst Klock's predictably relentless set, our photographer documented the plethora of PDA that was evident throughout the room. Who said cupid doesn't get down to techno?

Ben Klock
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