Listen to Ida Dillan's Hard-Charging Remix of Ballo's "Me"

It's the first taste of the Norwegian producer's forthcoming EP on Classical Trax.

by Ezra Marcus
Dec 14 2016, 6:15pm

Over the last few years, the internet collective Classical Trax has proved itself to be one of the foremost destinations for stripped down, tactile club music from around the globe. Now, the group is officially launching a label, kicking off with a release from the Norwegian producer Ballo—her Me / Also Me EP drops December 20. It includes the two title tracks, full of spacey percussion and greyscale melodies, as well as pounding remixes from DJ Svani and her fellow Norwegian Ida Dillan. You can hear an exclusive remix of the latter track here.

"I was super inspired by the original tune," explained to Dillan to us over email. "I wanted to crank up the tempo a bit and add some wild, angry drums in there, while keeping the core structure, because I really liked the original elements and construction of the tune."

Asked about the impetus behind the EP, Ballo explained, "I had a lot of anger, sadness and disbelief in me when I wrote the EP and I think both tracks reflect different phases I have gone through. 'Me" sounds more polished, cool and in control out of the two, whereas "Also Me" is about feeling desperate, lost and losing it for a bit."

Check out the remix below.