Listen to a Drum and Bass History Lesson from Genre Pioneers Fabio and Grooverider

Having notched up 25 years of DJing together, the duo are taking over Electric Brixton on this weekend.

by THUMP Staff
Feb 2 2017, 4:13pm

25 years fly by at an alarming rate, don't they? Somehow, a whole quarter of a century seems to vanish as quickly as your lunchbreak. You go to sleep as a child full of dreams and wake up—metaphorically, obviously—as a mildly-overweight twenty-something who now dreams of nothing but overdraft charges and good deals on multipacks of almond milk. How, you think, did I get here? Where did those years go? Where did my life go? Where, where, where?

Two blokes who probably have a slightly less pessimistic view on things are Fabio and Grooverider. While I was getting to grips with language and the intricacies of Freud's phallic stage of pyschosexual development, they were busying themselves with birthing drum and bass. The pair helped shape the sound at warehouse raves, nightclubs such as Rage, and of course Metalheadz nights at Blue Note.You don't need me to tell you what you already know about their illustrious career, but suffice to say, the scene wouldn't exist the way it does without them.

Which is why the duo are throwing a massive party this weekend. Having notched up 25 years of DJing together, they've decided to take over Electric Brixton on Friday the 3rd of February for a huge event. They'll be joined by a tonne of the biggest DJs and MCs in the world of D&B and jungle—Dillinja and Uncle Dugs to name but two—and to get you in the mood for it, they've put together this fantastic mix for us.

It'll be the most enjoyable history lesson you've ever had, honestly. Check it out in full below.

Find out more about the event here.