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Majestic Casual Has Been Banned From YouTube

The popular channel was issued a termination notice.

by Lachlan Kanoniuk
Nov 24 2015, 3:03pm

Majestic Casual, a longstanding source for deep house edits and superfluous soft-filtered images of women, has just suffered a major blow with the termination of its hugely popular YouTube channel.

Visitors to the channel's page today are faced with a stark notice from YouTube reading "Majestic Casual has been terminated because we've received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material that the user posted", with the channel's most popular videos no longer appearing in Google searches.

Before its termination, the channel counted over 2.5 million subscribers.

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It's unknown if the copyright claims are from legitimate sources, or if the channel has fallen to YouTube's trigger-happy copyright policy after spurious claims from other sources. There's every chance the termination can be overturned upon appeal from Majestic Casual, but it's unknown how long this process will take.

The take-down follows a huge crackdown on SoundCloud copyright infringement earlier in 2015.

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Screengrab via YouTube

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