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Rabit's Halcyon Veil Label Shares Enthralling Mix By Philly's SCRAAATCH

Following releases by the likes of ANGEL-HO, Why Be, and Chino Amobi, the label keeps the hits coming.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 16 2015, 9:20pm


Houston producer Rabit's label Halcyon Veil might still be young, having yet to reach its first birthday, but luckily it still hasn't experienced anything remotely resembling growing pains. After putting out music from the all-star cast of ANGEL-HO, Myth, Why Be, and Chino Amobi (in collaboration with Rabit), they've now turned to Philadelphia's SCRAAATCH, made up of Mhysa—whose terrific collaborative track and video with Amobi, "Power Cuts," we covered a couple weeks ago—and chukwumaa, who also records as plus_c.

Today, the duo shared "LABARYNTH," a thirty-minute mix featuring everyone from Soulja Boy, dj haram, and HVAD, and it's listen that's as challenging as it is enthralling. Recalling the mixing of someone like Total Freedom, who in fact appears on the mix, the duo draw from a totally uninhibited range of styles and sounds, bringing to mind something chukwumaa said in their great interview on Rhizome from over the summer: "I'm in a period of reconciling things I've spent a lot of time treating as separate just because they're disparate," he explains. "In a way, that's what SCRAAATCH has been teaching me." Stream it below, check the tracklist in a jpeg here, and be sure to get the forthcoming NON release, NON WORLDWIDE COMPILATION VOLUME 1, where Mhysa will have a track. It's due November 20.

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