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Guy Gerber's Office Sex Remix of Monkey Safari's "Walls" Might Get You Fired

We won't call Gerber's "Office Sex" remix NSFW, but just make sure HR isn't lurking.

by THUMP Staff
Jul 30 2015, 7:32pm

Sven Fröhlich and Lars Rühlemann, the German duo known as Monkey Safari, are all about the love. Their tantalizing brew of dizzying vocals, heart-melting synths, and sentimental beats run through your hair like some sort of creamy house music conditioner.

On their latest release, "Walls," the duo enlists another veteran in soul-latching dance music, Guy Gerber, to provide one of his typical lengthy remixes. Guy gave them his "office sex" version, the result of which might just turn your water cooler into a scene out of peak-time Studio 54, with a side of Panorama Bar. You'd probably benefit from thinking twice before going in to smooch your co-worker, but with the passionate drums and woozy pads located within, you may not have a choice but to go for it.If HR comes around knocking, just turn up the volume and repeat. We swear we're not talking from personal experience. Actually...

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