Janus and PAN Producer M.E.S.H. Brilliantly Soundtracks a Total Solar Eclipse with New Track

He released the track to celebrate his tour of U.S. and Mexico taking place this month.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 3 2015, 10:29pm

Berlin producer M.E.S.H., real name James Whipple, put out something truly lovely in his debut LP, Piteous Gate, earlier this year. Weaving together a wide-reaching set of reference points, from renaissance sample libraries to 1980s sci-fi, part of the reason the PAN and Janus producer's record feels so exciting is because of how it combines premeditated complexity with real irreverence. Fittingly, one of its recurring tropes is the figure of a jester.

From November 5 to December 5, he'll be touring for nine dates in North America and one in Mexico, and to celebrate the occasion, he's done what anyone would do: released an unofficial soundtrack to an obscure YouTube video of a total solar eclipse. The resulting track is spectral, highly pressurized, and just a little bit painful to listen to—very much along the lines the producer has set out with his previous work.

Stream it below, check out the video it soundtracks above, and check his tour dates on a poster designed by Juliette Bonneviot after the jump.

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