Bow Down to Wuki's Driving Bass Remix of Keys N Krates' "Save Me"

This is your brain on Wuki.

Sep 23 2015, 3:25pm

If you've ever seen Toronto trio Keys N Krates throw down one of their lauded live shows, you know their sound is pretty gargantuan. Remixing a group whose sound is like a quick release pill of turntables, synths, and drums is probably no easy feat, but Wuki, the Denver self-appointed "king of booty," was up to it. With his own edit of the group's Katy B-vocalled single "Save Me," King Booty freaks the bass out of the original, leaving only one directive in his wake—lose your shit for four minutes and thirteen seconds.

Flo of Keys N Krates says he fux with it. "Wuki took "Save Me" from bright and epic to dark, driving, and hypnotizing," he told THUMP via email. "It's hard to even pin-point exactly what genre this remix falls under, which is one of the mean reasons we fux with it so much."

Well said Flo, well said.

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