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Start the Week Right with Bézier's Banging Brand New EP on Honey Soundsystem

The founding member of the San Francisco party and label is back with a cosmically-minded new record.

by Josh Baines
Jun 20 2016, 1:55pm

Bézier, AKA Robert Yang, is a founding member—and resident DJ—of legendary San Francisco party crew and record label Honey Soundsystem, and he's back with a seriously slamming new EP that's suitably spacey.

The cosmically-inclined Cosmologist EP's a deep and dark three tracker that's already got us wanting to slip out of the office and into something slightly more comfortable like six pints, twelve fags, and a night in a very, very, very good club. We reckon it'll have the same impact on you, too.

The bleepy and raw, Sheffield-meets-Chicago flavors of "Cosmos" kick things off, "Ether" comes on like throwing pingers into Tim Peake's washbag, and the whole thing's rounded off with the sadlad italo-house of "Quelle" and by the end of it, you'll be a sweaty, spaced out wreck. Shame it's not even lunchtime yet.

Cosmologist arrives on Honey Soundsystem on June 22nd.

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