You’ve Been Pronouncing Your Favorite DJ’s Name Wrong This Entire Time

At least according to this video, which informs us that Marcel Dettmann is actually pronounced "Marshall Deadman."

Aug 4 2016, 5:12pm

It's no secret that pronouncing the names of DJs and producers worldwide can be tricky for the phonetically limited English tongue. Heck, I still can't make the word "Autechre" sound right coming out of my mouth—years after first coming across an old copy of Amber. Fortunately, the German Youtube channel Korrekte Aussprache (which loosely translates to "correct pronunciation") is here to save the day.

Like many YouTube pronunciation help channels, its usual purview is flashing words on a plain background and offering up their interpretation, but in a video published yesterday called "Berliner DJs (Mit Vergnügen Special) ," they train their attention on some of their home country's most prominent cultural exports. A disembodied computer voice runs through some useful tips that real heads already know, such as that Marcel Dettmann's name is actually pronounced "Marshall Deadman" or that Nina Kraviz is actually "Narnia Krazev." Er, I mean...what? The video then goes on to assert that Dirty Doering's name is actually pronounced "Dirty Dancing" and that Boys Noize is "Boxy Nazi."

It'll be familiar stuff for those who've stumbled upon the unfunny English version of this particular feigned ignorance gag, Pronunciation Manual, but hearing a computer voice mangle names like Modeselektor is worth checking out anyway. Watch the video up above.