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Kevin Beasley, DJ Spooky, and More Explore Art, Music, and the Turntable in New York Exhibition

"The Beat Goes On" was curated by multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams and is currently on view.

by Alexander Iadarola
Aug 29 2016, 8:03pm

Installation shot courtesy of SVA Chelsea Galler

A new exhibition interrogating the role of the turntable as a mediating technology and celebrating the intersection of art and music in contemporary culture, titled "The Beat Goes On" is currently on view at the SVA Chelsea Gallery in Manhattan. The show opened on August 20, and was curated by Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams, featuring work from Kevin Beasley, Paul D. Miller aka Illbient figurehead DJ Spooky, Tameka Norris aka Meka Jean, and Elia Alba.

The space has been divided up into four listening rooms—one for each of the show's contributing artists—containing a range of multimedia work, from sculpture to video. For his section, Beasley has created another iteration of his ongoing "Listening Room" series, which focuses on creating deliberately intimate listening spaces and has previously featured KUNQ affiliate SHYBØI and GHE20G0TH1K founder Venus X, among others. Meanwhile, Alba's room (pictured above) is an homage to massively influential disco DJ Larry Levan, Miller's takes inspiration from the golden Voyager records Nasa sent into space in 1977, and Norris uses the opportunity to turn her section into the headquarters for her ever-shifting alter-ego Meka Jean, who released the Ivy League Ratchet EP this year.

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