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How to Dress Well's New "Consent-Pop" Song Is About How Much You Want to Have Sex With Him

He's never been so woke.

by Ezra Marcus
Sep 19 2016, 9:25pm

Courtesy of Press Here.

How To Dress Well (aka Tom Krell) has opened his third eye, and ladies, he's looking at you. The Colorado-bred singer aims his lyrical love gun directly at the pulsing nexus of The Conversation with his new song "Can't You Tell" (the third single off his upcoming fourth album Care, due September 23), which he describes on Twitter as a "consent-pop song" and a "sex-positivity anthem." Thus we're subject to bursts of throbbing Eros like these:

'Wanna hold you now' you say it so clear— gonna take you right here,
can't you tell?

"Make no mistake I can see it in your eyes
eah, I know you wanna love."

The first couplet gestures vaguely towards some form of verbal consent from the narrator's love object, but the second muddies the waters. The implication, it seems, is that the bedroom-pop auteur is such a skilled consent whisperer that you don't need to say anything out loud—he can already tell you're down based on the look "in your eyes." It scans on a surface level as the opposite of what you might think "consent-pop" would entail, but those are the actual lyrics of the song. Still, you can't fault Krell's intentions: he's just a horny ally who wants to show less enlightened dudes how it should be done. Whether you think he comes off as sexy or skeevy is subjective, but there's one thing we can all agree on: the age of woke pop is here to stay.