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10 Ways to Make Your Turkey the Best Thing on the Table

From sticky-rice-stuffed to Rockwellian AF, these recipes will make you fall back in love with the bird.

by Munchies Staff
Nov 19 2018, 8:26pm

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the turkey, not the least of which is the fact that they themselves have become synonymous with celebrating the holidays.

But these lean, snooded birds should also be embraced for their versatility. There are a million different ways to prep one, but we’ve narrowed it down to ten for the holidays this year, running the gamut from the classic roast to a turkey-infused baguette, with a whole lot of delicious variations in between.

For instance, want to break with the tradition of monopolizing the oven for hours? Welcome to the world of Spatchcock Turkey, which will allow you to dramatically cut down on cooking time by employing a few simple incisions.


You can also turn turkey into a meatloaf, a little trick we picked up from Fuck, That’s Delicious accomplice Meyhem Lauren, who uses ground turkey and duck bacon to fuse and elevate two holiday classics.


Of course, you might also be a traditionalist. In that case, we've got a recipe for the perfect turkey that'll make your dinner feel Rockwellian as fuck. Crispy skin, juicy meat, and no brine necessary.

Now, that's just fine and dandy, but if you're sick of predictable, straightforward fowl, we don't blame you. It only takes a few minutes of extra work to stuff your turkey with, say, sticky rice and Chinese sausage.

If you're trying to get extra-fancy with your turkey, consider something a little more dramatic—maybe a bowl of chestnut soup topped with crispy turkey thighs?

Or maybe a regular ol' roast bird is just too damn healthy. We've got a solution for that, too—braise your turkey in beer and duck fat (kind of meta, no?), then deep-fry some turkey balls. A big pile of these makes one hell of a centerpiece.

None of these weird enough for you? Then just say "fuck it" and serve a turkey and sweet potato pizza. Two birds, one stone. If you're not quite anti-establishment enough to serve this on Thanksgiving, it makes a mean leftover solution.

Speaking of leftovers—you could, of course, go with the tried-and-true turkey sandwich. Or you could do yourself a favor and turn that leftover meat into turkey tikka masala. The choice is yours.

At this point, you might just want to roast an extra bird and ensure a whole week of killer leftover magic. Including this tangy, warming turkey pozole with lime and cilantro.

And after that, when you inevitably make a massive batch of turkey stock, blow some minds by using it to make turkey stock baguette. It's a thing.

If you're not in a tryptophan-induced coma come December, you're doing something wrong—so peep the rest of our turkey recipes and make sure you do Thanksgiving proper.

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in November 2017.

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