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Enjoy This Student-Produced Large Hadron Collider Zombie Movie

Physics with a side of brains.

by Michael Byrne
Dec 14 2012, 5:19pm

The idea is, in part, to poke fun at all of the bad science in Hollywood movies. So expect the opposite of plausability. There is no actual Higgs radiation (not like this, anyway), let alone Large Hadron Collider by-products that turn people into zombies. “Sometimes we had to fight hard to make sure everything was rubbish,” Luke Thompson, the film's director and a student at the University of Manchester, tells Symmetry Breaking. “Actors would say, ‘No, you can’t say that. It’s so wrong!’ But that’s exactly what we were going for." 

Decay isn't some science nerd weekend goof. The movie took almost three years to make, costing a mere £2,000, using borrowed equipment, and involving a regular cast and crew of about 20 full-time students. Awesomely, it's being distrubuted under a Creative Commons license, and you can download or stream the whole thing right now. In fact, you might just watch it right here below. I can't promise you'll learn anything about science, but turns out the tunnels under the LHC are one of the better horror film settings imaginable.

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