Dele Alli Ghost-Taps the Ball for Beauteous Stoppage Time Goal

It's almost as if Alli's play is the on-field equivalent of his clubhouse demeanor.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 5 2017, 4:34pm

Dele Alli is the rare type of player that would be welcomed on any team for his clubhouse banter alone. Just look at all his elaborate, individualized handshakes! He's almost like a baseball player in that sense. But unlike the Uribes of the world (apologies if that goes over your head, non-baseball fans), it turns out that Dele can actually produce more than just good vibes.

Take, for example, this beautifully soft touch that he administered to the ball after a free kick in stoppage time against Everton. Alli's timing was perfect, cutting behind the line and giving the ball a soft tap on the hop to slide past the keeper. This disarmament not entirely dissimilar to a master comic's timing—funny, understated. It's enough to make you feel this:

On second thought, Alli's play is basically the on-field equivalent of his clubhouse demeanor. They aren't so separate after all.

Also of note, Harry Kane did this beautiful thing earlier on in the match:

Yup. It's nice.

Everton slotted a second goal in at the last second, so Alli's stoppage time goal ended up being the game-winner for Tottenham at 3-2. It was enough to make you feel this:

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