RGIII and Girlfriend Have Wallets Stolen from Car Parked in Browns Garage

They parked in a garage specifically designated for team members and family.

by Dave Brown
Nov 28 2016, 3:56pm

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III created some good news earlier this week by returning to practice with the Cleveland Browns for the first time since September. Griffin suffered a broken bone in his left shoulder in week one and, it was thought, might be out for the season. Great, right? Especially for someone so...unlucky.

Yeah, about that. Before enjoying Cleveland's most recent loss at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, Griffin (still on the inactive list) and girlfriend Grete Sadeiko drove to a team/family parking facility at the stadium grounds. She left the car with a valet, but also left valuables in the automobile, including both of their wallets.

The wallets were not there when the couple returned. Sadeiko sounded the alarm on Twitter afterward:

Of course, she got zero sympathy from twits who questioned, perhaps rightfully, the wisdom of leaving your wallet in the car. But, remember: The team (presumably) doesn't make employees pay for food and whatnot at the game, so you don't need money. Also: There is a certain expectation of safety when valeting the car in the team's own garage.

She does have a point. Sadeiko later said that the Browns are "looking into it," but given that it's the Browns looking into it, perhaps there's an independent authority out there who might better conduct the investigation?

Griffin doesn't tweet much, but he did offer a somewhat muted reaction to events:

Earlier this month, Griffin had made a few statements of positivity on Twitter recently, related to his comeback:

Look where being grateful gets you in this world! Robbed of your health by this brutal game, allegedly robbed of your cash by team employees (possibly), and robbed of your dignity by internet trolls who chastise you and your girlfriend for leaving your wallets in the car. It's hard out there for RGIII.

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