Vince Carter Exhibits Mad Old-Man Hops in Dunk Against Lakers

Just about as filthy as a 38-year-old can get.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 28 2015, 12:34am

Vince Carter used to be—and still is—a bad, bad man. In today's game against the Lakers, the 38-year-old Grizzly saw an opportunity for a layup, said, "nah, fuck it," and went in for a devastatingly beautiful jam over three Lakers instead. It was bisgusting.

A gentle reminder: Carter is older than Kobe (37).

Though the dunk is a far cry from what he used to throw down back in the day, this is still pretty impressive. Come on, you know the dunks I'm talking about. No? Let me jumpstart your memory for a second:

Yes. That's the kinds of dunk I'm talking about.

Kobe threw down his own little ditty earlier this month, and even though his was over Clint Capela, I still think Carter's might beat his out. There was something about Carter's style and dismount. Maybe that's just me. Either way, there should definitely be a senior citizen round at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. If only just for kicks.