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This Meat Snack Was Formulated to Prevent Hangovers

A charcuterie business in London would like you to know that it has invented the world’s first hangover-preventing meat. Or say it says.

by Alex Swerdloff
Dec 1 2015, 6:00pm

Foto von cupcake_eater via Flickr

A charcuterie business in London would like you to know that it has invented the world's first hangover-preventing meat. Or say it says.

Serious Pig is a craft meat company aimed directly at the bar snacks sector. George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw say they started the company over a discussion at a pub when they "found themselves pondering a question—what would be the perfect and most delicious snack to accompany the recently ordered pint of real ale and glass of red Bordeaux?" Having developed several snacking salamis, they have now moved on to what might be the holy grail: hangover cures.

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The boys behind Serious Pig have challenged themselves once again by asking this question: What if you don't want to "spend another festive period with your head hanging over the toilet, grappling 'the fear' and wishing you hadn't got quite so 'merry' the night before?"

Are they surveilling our email or do all brewers happen to also be clandestine precogs?

Apparently, they've done actual research. According to Drinkaware, "Over half (53 percent) of Brits say they plan to drink more in December than any other time of the year." No kidding—this is a cross-border phenomenon, obviously. So Rice and Bradshaw put their brilliant heads together once again and came up with something called Hangover Cured, a high-protein meat snack that contains 100 percent British pork, along with chili and ginger, both of which are alleged to ease symptoms associated with hangovers.

Photo courtesy of Serious Pig

Its creators say the world's first hangover-preventing meat treat should be eaten as you are indulging in your favorite holiday libations. The snack, according to its manufacturers, will fight nausea, fatigue, and headaches.

Rice is convinced this will work: "Let's be honest, nobody likes a hangover at the best of times, so we thought we'd invent something that would take the edge off. Fittingly, and like most of our best ideas, we came up with Hangover Cured whilst nursing sore heads in the pub." He calls his new product "more prevention than anything else."

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And Hangover Cure comes with Rice's personal guarantee: "We've put it to the test at home, and down the pub and it works a dream. Our friends and family have been our guinea pigs, too, and they've all told us it definitely eased their hangovers."

So does the world's first meat hangover cure really work, or is this just the world's cleverest food marketing campaign? Unclear. But one food nutritionist, Angela Dowden, claims that it's an idea with legs.

"Nibbling on high-quality meat protein at the same time as drinking is a really good idea, as it's rich in the amino acids you need to make neurotransmitters (messengers that transmit signals throughout the body)," Dowden says. "Alcohol interferes with the levels of these neurotransmitters, which is one of the reasons we can feel bad after overindulging."

Speaking to The Independent, Charlotte Stirling-Read, another nutritionist at the Association for Nutrition, disagrees: "While it is a good idea to eat food, and not drink on an empty stomach, I think there might be healthier options."

Still, it really doesn't take all that much to convince us to indulge in meat while drinking alcohol.

That's what the holiday season is all about, isn't it?

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